Iford Shoot – Planning Appeal

Last year a planning application was submitted to extend the use of a building on the South Downs as a ‘shooting lodge’ to host shooting parties throughout the shooting season on a six-day a week basis. The applicant appealed, ahead of a decision by the council on the basis of non-determination of the planning application. This has now resulted in a public hearing being scheduled for this August.

Tte Shooting Lodge
The Shooting Lodge

This application is one of many made in association with the Iford Estate business (http://www.ifordestate.com/  as you will see from the website the business offers shooting, flying (airstrip), commercial lettings, entertainment and wedding venue services as well as farming and fishing. Their latest newsletter is here: http://www.ifordestate.com/pdf/newsletter-issue2.pdf

Details of this appeal are as below:


Variation of condition 1 attached to planning approval LW/09/1177 to vary the use of the building as a facility connected to game shooting and agriculture, the use shall only occur between Monday to Saturday 7am-5pm

This application was made in the latter part of 2014 and before the Lewes District Council had time to consider the matter on behalf of the National Park the applicant decided to apply for an appeal based on non-determination.

The hearing into this appeal will start at 10:00 on 25 August 2015.

The venue will be: Council Chamber, Lewes Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, BN7 2QS  Change of venue!  The venue will now be: The Stanley Turner Ground Kingston Road Lewes East Sussex BN7 3NB

To see the documents go to: http://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/   The put in the application number: SDNP/14/05468/CND

Here you will see the inspector’s letter and all the applications document.

Contact detail for the inspector are:



Ref: APP/Y9507/W/15/3002162

This application seeks to extend the number of days that shooting can take place based upon the Shooting Lodge from two days a week, during the season, to 6 days a week.

Lodge is shown with a red dot adjacent to the Kingston & Iford  Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest
Lodge is shown with a red dot adjacent to the Kingston & Iford Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest

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