2 thoughts on “123 Bus

    1. Dear Chris, I agree. I dearly wish there was more frequent bus service along the Ouse Valley. I’m informed by Compass Buses that the current 123 bus service receives little or no subsidy so it can’t be further hammered by government and ESCC cuts. My objective now is to try and encourage more people onto the buses. I have asked the parishes to distribute timetables to all houses. One piece of good news is that we have got the CTLA to bring the 132 Sunday service up this side of the valley on the C7 instead of on the A26 (where I understand they only ever picked up the odd passenger). Also I’m working with the CTLA to promote their Dial-a-Ride service. This service is available to the villages in this area.

      We have an association in the valley of the Parishes of the Lower Ouse (POLO) and they have a special buses working group to try and improve the services. I am part of that group. Through this two parishes have got together (Rodmell and Kingston) and they are hoping to provide enough funding to re-institute the 130 bus service from Rodmell to Brighton station on some days a week.

      The other initiative I am working on is a promotional package and material to further promote bus services in the Ouse Valley. The idea is to publicise the route for tourism such that people will visit places like Spring Barn Farm Park, Wyevale Garden Centre, the Juggs pub, the Abergavenny arms, Virginia Woolf’s house (National Trust), and the YHA at Southease. However this will need support from the District Council and the National Park which I haven’t got as yet. If we can get more people on the buses hopefully (and without government funding) we can get more frequent bus service.


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