Waste and Recycling

Shortly after being elected, I reported on the Lewes District Waste & Recycling plan (see: my Report Back of July 2015   – see below for a summary of what I reported).

2015-12-02 12.33.51Some residents have recently  raised questions to do with waste collections. Things are going to change over the next 2 years, – please have look at the report produced by the Council and let me have your comments. A copy of the report is here (click heading below):

Outcomes of the Waste and Recycling Review




Vic’s Report Back of July 2015:


The District Council doesn’t have a committee that deals with issues of refuse collection, waste and recycling. These matters are dealt with by the Cabinet and the ‘Lead Member for Environment’.  Earlier in July the Cabinet met and received a report on a whole range of its major policy areas. I discovered on page 270 that the District Council Cabinet have agreed to go ahead with changes in a number of areas with regard to waste and recycling. There is to be a new waste facility built but it will take some two years before it comes online. However, once this opens there will be changes which will directly affect the public and these include:

  • Fortnightly refuse collection
  • Weekly recycling
  • Weekly food waste collection
  • Fortnightly, opt-in, green waste collection

At the full council meeting on 16 July 2015 my colleague Steve Saunders, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, spoke out and questioned why the Cabinet have not consulted the public over these changes. He asked that the Council undertake a full public consultation before implementing the changes.  He cited one example where problems will arise, adding his concern for parents with babies if a two-weekly refuse collection is implemented, saying that they need a weekly collection for the disposal of nappies. Click here to see >> Steve’s question to the Conservative Leader.

Clearly a lot has been going on behind the scenes at the Cabinet meetings with regard to the waste programme and as a new councillor I’m just catching up with previous decisions.  I would like to know what residents in my area think – please get in touch by emailing me by clicking here. Also, I will be asking the Council how they propose to change the arrangements at the kerbside for collections from people’s households. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a common policy either in terms of types of bins or bags and indeed what type of material is recyclable. For instance, other councils accept things like yoghurt pots but Lewes District Council doesn’t! Let me know what you think.

PS: the changes to the waste collection service were part of a review which shows, sadly, that the recycling rate in the Lewes district was only 24.98% for the year 2013/14 whereas the national average is 44.2%. Obviously Lewes has a long way to go!



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