Police and Crime Commissioner elections 5th May

Dr James Walsh

This week we will have the opportunity to choose who will be our Police and Crime Commissioner in Sussex for the next 4 years.  I am supporting Dr James Walsh the Lib Dem candidate. Dr Walsh is the leader of the Lib Dem group at West Sussex County Council. He was a member of the former Sussex Police Authority from 1989 to 2005, serving as its vice-chairman from 1993-95, and chairman from 1995-1997.

for more information about Dr Walsh CLICK HERE

Here is a list of all the candidates:

Candidate Party Election statement
Katy Bourne The Conservative Party Candidate Katy Bourne’s election statement
James Doyle Green Party James Doyle’s election statement
Michael Jones Labour Party Michael Jones’ election statement
Patrick Lowe UKIP Patrick Lowe’s election statement
James Walsh Liberal Democrats James Walsh’s election statement

A printed booklet has been published about the candidates for the PCC election and it can be viewed on the Choose my PCC website.

Police Budget
Click for larger image

One of the responsibilities of the Commissioner is to set the precept (Council Tax). The proposed expenditure for 2016/17 is £289.9m. Here is a link to the current budget report: http://www.sussex-pcc.gov.uk/priorities/budget/

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