Lewes to Newhaven C7 Road Video

C7 RoadAfter I was elected last year I asked the association of parishes (Parishes Of the Lower Ouse, POLO) in my ward if they would set up a working party to develop a strategy for long-term improvements to safety and traffic calming along the C7 road through the villages of Kingston, Swanborough, Iford, Northease, Rodmell, Southease, and Piddinghoe. The proposal was accepted by POLO and a working group was set up. Since then they have met a number of times. Earlier this year a suggestion was made that we should engage a professional to help us draw up a strategy. Currently, POLO is trying to put together the funding to pay for the specialist services.

I hope POLO are successful in their efforts. For my part, I have documented suggestions and issues brought up by residents and these have been marked on detailed plans showing the length of the road from Lewes to Newhaven. These are ready to give to the consultant to assist with the production of the report . I will also be putting forward my own ideas of what should be done along the length of the road and I shall publish them on this website.

For the time being I’m sharing this video which Cllr Carla Butler and I have made of the journey in both directions along the C7. The objective is not to show the speeding traffic or dangerous driving, although there is at least one example which we caught on video of what I would call reckless driving, which was someone overtaking two cars along the narrow road. The reason for making these videos is to provide a reference for anyone wanting to check the situation at any point throughout the road, whether it be signs, footways, junctions or visibility etc.

I publish it here for your reference and anyone who wishes to refer to it. I hope POLO, the consultant and the County Council will make use of it.





4 thoughts on “Lewes to Newhaven C7 Road Video

  1. The local area transport strategy for the C7 (LATS produced by ESCC) says the C7 runs from the prison crossroads in Lewes to Newhaven but doesn’t recognise that it runs along the part of Southover High Street which falls west of the Swan pub – hence it doesn’t acknowledge that it runs through any part of Lewes Town Conservation Area. Instead it calls this part of the Conservation Area a rural route known as Kingston Rd. Consequently HGVs are completely unrestricted at the northern end of the C7 between the prison and the junction with Wellgreen Lane – the turning for Kingston. This is highly dangerous for all other road users and pedestrians and goes against ESCC’s own declared aim to make this a leisure route and to reduce HGVs!

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    1. Dear Liz, It is like walking through treacle trying to get the ESCC to either stick to it’s policies or/and improve the environmental situation. Also the Law need amending to endure lorry drivers can only use Commercial Sat Navs: https://www.aldc.org/2017/10/lorry-drivers-must-use-commercial-satnavs-say-local-lib-dem-councillors/ and – https://sussexcampaign.com/2017/09/17/hgvs-breaking-6-6-width-restriction-in-kingston-near-lewes/

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