Community Safety Partnership

Dear Residents,

ESSafeHere is an update on the Lewes District Community Safety Partnership. This organisation, under a different name, was set up some years ago to provide support for various initiatives including: reduction of domestic abuse, promotion of community safety (including dealing with fear of crime issues), prevention of fire in homes, environmental crime, prevention of fire and prevention of youth crime and other crime prevention initiatives including those relating to preventing people being drawn into serious crime and terrorism. As discussed before the partnership also looks at road safety. Today (Fri 17th Feb 2017) myself and other Scrutiny Committee members have reviewed the partnership’s programme. This is a short note about the review meeting. If you want more information click here, however for now here are some key points from the meeting:

The Community Safety Officer is Harry Williams ( ). There has been boost to the partnership’s resources with the East Sussex Fire Brigade providing an officer to support and coordinate the initiatives over a wider area. The group brings together resources from various organisations including the Police Commissioner, East Sussex County Council, the Fire Brigade and of course the Lewes District Council.

Grands for local organisations: 

Under the heading of road safety POLO had applied last year for funding in relation to consultancy services on the C7 road from the safety partnership. I think they were promised 50% funding of approximately £2000 budget. Separately, I believe that Kingston were interested in applying for funds for a schem in their village.

At the meeting, we reviewed the funding situation for 2017/18. I can confirm that the police contribution will remain the same as last financial year at just under £22,000. The Lewes District Council contribution is likely to be just under £50,000. Currently there are still funds in this year’s allocation so if you have already applied you may stand a chance of being allocated funding before the next year starts.


1) any local group or organisation may apply for funds. However if they don’t have a form constitution or are not a parish council they may need to channel funds via an organisation which has a constitution.

2) Quite separately to the Lewes area there is also a Sussex wide safety partnership which has separate funding. This covers both East and West Sussex. That scheme is separately organised.


Cllr Vic Ient

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