Where is ESCC Rural Cycling & Walking Investment?

Cycle Walk ImageFor a number of years I’ve been campaigning for more safety measures and improvements for cyclist and walkers. Since I became a district councillor I have continued to speak up for alternatives to simply getting in the car and driving everywhere. The car is essential but since the creation of county councils their focus has been on providing roads. The last coalition government with Lib Dem ministers in office re-balanced the focus to include provision for cyclists & walkers. Sadly now we are almost back to square one with the current Conservative government. Luckily, the Conservatives didn’t get rid of all of the Lib Dem policies. The funding grants made available by the Lib Dems in government were removed but were replaced with a ‘cycling and walking strategy.’

Albeit with much reduced funds, the government, last year, called for bids from county councils for both capital and revenue projects covering cycling and walking. Unlike West Sussex, East Sussex County Council simply did not bid for the capital funding. However they did bid for revenue funding. However, having won the money they decided to focus all of the investment in the coastal urban areas leaving out the towns and villages in our countryside.  It’s great that the County Council has been successful in winning funding for cycling and walking but I’m very disappointed to see that these funds will only be able to be spent in the Newhaven, Eastbourne, South Wealden, Bexhill and Hastings areas. Of course, I’m pleased for those areas”.

Earlier last year I met with officers of East Sussex County Council and pleaded with them to include schemes to improve safety for walkers and cyclists using and crossing the dangerous C7 road which connects Lewes to Newhaven.  Sadly they ignored my pleas leaving my rural area without funding as well as Lewes and much of the rest of the county.

I aim to continue the campaign and hope that the political composition of the county council changes in May this year so we can make some real progress right across the county. In the meantime if you agree with me and want to see funding shared between urban and rural areas for cycling and walking please write to:

Cllr Carl Maynard, county council lead member for transport and environment, and let him know that you want fairer treatment for the rural areas to improve safety for both walkers and cyclists. email: cllr.carl.maynard@eastsussex.gov.uk  You can read his press release here about the allocation to the urban coastal towns:  http://news.eastsussex.gov.uk/2017/01/26/funding-boost-for-walking-and-cycling-schemes/

Here is a copy of a recent press article about this issue. Also below is an article published last year in the Sussex Express about the same issue

Click to enlarge:


Sussex express article Feb 2017

Here is a link to an article in the Sussex Express from last year on cycling & walking: http://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/lewes-councillor-calls-for-urgent-cyclepath-funding-1-7493718


1 thought on “Where is ESCC Rural Cycling & Walking Investment?

  1. I see you have an interest in promotion of cycle and pedestrian paths. I returned from living abroad recently and was pleased to see the cycle paths in Seaford being shared with pedestrians; however I was dismayed to see they were separated. Why ? because whilst walking along a divided path I forgotand drifted over to the cycling part andwas narrowly missed by a cyclist who didnt have a bell . In Australia the paths are not divided but they have one rule which is upheld and that is – bikes must have bells; This promotes consideration on both sides – its not a them and us frame of mind. It is a form of politeness and consideration. It would also mean that in areas where there is a footpath a cyclist could use it. On a narrow two way road it would avoid danger from impatient drivers and safety for the cyclists. It would not have to be a continuous path – just long enough to relieve long hold ups occurring The paths would need to be designated, In my youth I was fortunate enough to be able to travel many thousands of miles by bike safely in the UK. I would be happy for you to forward this on to any appropriate committee. regards, Shirley Deubert

    On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 12:46 PM, Vic Ient – Liberal Democrat Councillor wrote:

    > torgold posted: “For a number of years I’ve been campaigning for more > safety measures and improvements for cyclist and walkers. Since I became a > district councillor I have continued to speak up for alternatives to simply > getting in the car and driving everywhere. The car ” >


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