Holiday Lodges Planning Application – Swanborough, East Sussex

Dear Residents,

Earlier this month I attended the National Park offices in Midhurst and spoke about this development, (click here to see my speech). See below for a location plan.

Typical design only – with green roof

The National Park have approved the planning application for the development of holiday lodges near Swanborough Lakes. I have supported this development in principle provided adequate footpath and cycleway access can be provided into the local countryside as well as the provision of safe footpaths alongside the C7 road near the site. Also,  I had asked for renewable energy to be a requirement and the final design (including light and noise pollution aspects) to be a reserve matter and local people consulted.

Clearly my proposals regarding footpath and cycleways have been partially taken account of and I hope my other views will be considered by the officers when they come to send out the detailed permission.  It’s likely that the routing of cycleways and footpaths will include improvements and new paths north towards Kingston and Spring Barn Farm and southwards towards Swanborough and Iford. It is possible that the unopened ‘permissive path’ between Rise Farm and Iford could become part of the footpath/cycle network. What I hope (and what I think the officers hope) is that J&H Robinson (Iford Farms) Ltd will agree to extend the footpath down to the river and ultimately give permission for the Egrets Way route.

I wrote to the National Park some while ago about this application and included a map of my suggestions for associated new cycle and footpath routes. My written submission to the National Park is here:  Cllr Vic Ient Comment on SDNP-16-06072-FUL 16-02-17  My letter included a plan of what I thought the footpath/cyclepath provision should be. Here is a link to my suggested plan: Cllr Vic Ient suggested public path plan

Yesterday (13th of April 2017) I attended the National Park Planning Committee meeting over in Midhurst and spoke about the development. Here is my short speech to the committee:  Cllr Vic Ient – Holiday Lodge submission at SDNPA 13-04-17   (You might think this is quite short but speakers are only allowed a three-minute slot!).

It’s interesting to note that ESCC Highways Authority recommended refusal for this application because of the problems of the C7 and the junction with the access road from the site. They also made comments about the difficulty of providing a footway from the site access road to the junction with Wellgreen Lane Kingston.  The Lewes District Council environmental health asked for a condition to be included such that there will be no external amplified music after 10 PM. I hope this gets included. Condition 12 of the proposed permission requires a site management plan which will include the control of noise.

Please note: This application is only for a ‘change of use of land’ and not for building the holiday lodges. As you will see from the officers report the national parks interpretation is that these holiday lodges are have the same status as a caravan site. This is a little worrying but the officers have assured us that the specific design has to be agreed. Occupation of the holiday lodges by guesses limited to 28 days although the lodges can be used throughout the whole year.

Click here is a link to the officer’s report

click the link below to see a copy of the supplementary reports presented at the meeting:

SDNPA supplementary reports – holiday lodges

Applicant path proposal as of 13-04-17

​Kind Regards
Vic Ient

Lewes District Councillor – [Kingston Ward: Falmer – St Ann Without – Kingston – Swanborough – Iford – Northease – Rodmell – Southease – Piddinghoe]

T: 07788720929     E:    W:

Location plan:

3 thoughts on “Holiday Lodges Planning Application – Swanborough, East Sussex

    1. Dear Chris,
      At the SDNPA Planning Committee the planning officer emphasised the authority’s wishes that access to the countryside should be linked with this permission. He mentioned that the authority is hoping that the applicant would come forward with a direct link to the Ouse riverside public footpath (and ultimately the Egrets Way). The officer also referred to the permissive path running from Rise Farm to Iford which had never been marked as such still had ‘private’ signs erected. He said the authority were hoping that this route could be formalised before the stewardship scheme, under which it had been developed, ended. The presentation referred to a number of late items which had not been put on the website. A link to a copy of the supplementary reports presented at the meeting is here : I think it is important to read through these changes. The officer also referred to a footpath proposal which had just come in from the applicant. I have now put a link in my blog to this, see: My proposal to the SDNPA is here:

      The good thing about the applicant’s plan is that it seems that J&H Robinson (Iford Farms) Ltd are prepared to negotiate on footpath provision. Sadly though, this plan falls far short of a logical provision for access to the riverside public footpath, the South Downs and safety provision on the C7. I’m hoping that the company will work positively with the National Park and produce a much better access network.

      Where do we go from here? I did ask that the National Park to include liaison with local groups in the detailed permission. Whether or not there is a formal consultation I think all those concerned should make their further comments to the National Park. Certainly, I will be doing that!

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