New recycling scheme for household collections in Lewes District

Dear residents,

Many residents in Kingston Ward (Falmer – St Ann Without – Kingston – Swanborough – Iford – Northease – Rodmell – Southease – Piddinghoe) will have had an envelope delivered to their homes entitled “The way you recycle is changing.” Inside there is a letter to residents saying that your new recycling bin will be delivered in the next few weeks. Yesterday I had a meeting with the recycling team at the district council and have been informed that bins will arrive very soon:

  • Falmer – Monday 5 March
  • Piddinghoe, Southease & Rodmell – Wednesday, 7 March
  • Kingston and Iford – Monday, 12 March

The parish of St Ann Without will be split into two – the Ashcombe area (A27) is likely to be done with Falmer. The racecourse area will be done with Lewes in April.

These dates are subject to change but provided all goes well these dates will hold.

The council will deliver the 240 L bin. If you need a smaller bin or can’t take a wheelie bin at all, please contact the council on 01273 471600. Press option 4 followed by option 1 when the auto answer system starts. A 140 L bin is available but there will be a delay of at least a month. Hopefully, in the meantime, you can use the 240 L bin.

If you have any other questions or queries, please contact the council on 01273 471600 Press option 4 followed by option 1 when the auto answer system starts.


Cllr Vic Ient

Click the image below for more infromation

3 thoughts on “New recycling scheme for household collections in Lewes District

  1. It is excellent to have one bin that will take all the different materials for recycling. But the bins are very huge – – much too large for us to accommodate anywhere except on the edge of the public path at the front, where it looks rather awful. We are going to ask for ours to be replaced by the smaller version. And why the bright blue lids – a generally somewhat smaller and all green bin would have been more eco-friendly.


    1. Dear Kate, I hope you have by now got the smaller 140L bin. I agree with you about the blue lids, – totally unsuitable whether in the town or countryside. Unfortunately the decision was made by the controlling Conservative lead member for waste and recycling, Councillor Paul Franklin, ( ). I campaigned hard over the last 3 years for a better recycling system and I believe we’ve got one but some aspects of its implementation I disagree with including the colour scheme for the bins. I asked for a completely new colour scheme, – green: recycling, black: normal waste and brown: garden waste. The Conservatives didn’t agree with me saying it will cost a lot of money. I also suggested that we should go to twice-monthly collection for normal waste and weekly collection for recycling. They agreed with me on changing the collections in 2019 but did not agree with me on having a uniform colour scheme for the bins saying it would have cost too much. They may be right but I think we would have ended up with more people recycling. Also I asked the gull proof bags to be introduced for both normal waste and recycling. I only got 50% of what I asked for: we now have gull proof bags for normal waste: – for those who do not have bin and to try and persuade people not to use plastic bags. The gull proof bags are ideal for those who live in towns without aside access to the rear garden.


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