More road spending proposals by UK government!

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Only a few days left to have your say on the government’s plans for a major road network. The consultation closes on Monday 19th at 11.45pm. Respond to the consultation online at:
or by email to:

The government says that £1 billion will be available! They say it will:  reduce congestion + help build more houses + support cyclists, pedestrians & disabled people. I’m puzzled as to how they think building motorway style roads will help cyclists pedestrians and disabled people! Also, the proposals say nothing about road/rail integration or bus services.

In Sussex, the proposal is to include the whole of the A26 in the trunk road network and also include the A22 . There are also proposals affection Brighton and Hove City Council area.  Nothing is said about the A259 on the coast from Newhaven to Brighton via Peacehaven where there is very serious congestion!

I really can’t see why spending money on the A26 north of Lewes will actually help. There is already far too much traffic funnelling down through Malling Steet, Lewes and there is major congestion getting through the Cuilfail Tunnel. I can’t imagine that the government are proposing to build another tunnel to relieve the traffic in our existing one! What is needed is a rail link from Uckfield to Lewes which will relieve the traffic on the existing A26 and help people travel to and get to jobs in Eastbourne Lewes and Brighton. In the other direction, it will help people travel to London without relying on the only rail link north to London via Hayward’s Heath and Gatwick. The BML is a high-risk strategy and the government are doing nothing to solve the problem!

Click here to see the full consultation document

Click here to see what ESCC have said

Click here to see what WSCC have said

2 thoughts on “More road spending proposals by UK government!

  1. Lewes High Street is beginning to look a bit bereft. Part of the problem is that it is increasingly difficult to park in Lewes. Has the Council any plans to increase car parking? Yours Vanessa Files


    1. Hi Vanessa, I forewarned of this problem of parking in Lewes when the planning application was made for the Premier Inn. Unfortunately, the National Park ignored my pleas and those of the Lewes Town Council. Worse still the former magistrates’ court car park is now given over to what will be nine expensive houses. Sadly it remains derelict as the planning permission has not been implemented yet. I was also disappointed that the Lewes Town Council, in its draft neighbourhood plan, did not include any additional parking or park-and-ride facilities. The problem for those who live in villages is that the bus service is either an virtually non-existent or very infrequent which means to say those that can afford it have to use their car to get to our county town. Regards Vic

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