Safeguarding our community amid Brexit chaos!

From District Councillor Vic Ient:

Despite the Prime Minister’s announcement on 15th Nov that she has negotiated a ‘deal’ and whether or not we agree with it; there is still much uncertainty around the ‘Brexit’ issue. Amidst ministerial resignations, Conservative MPs apparently signing ‘no-confidence in the Prime Minister’ letters, including the MP for Lewes who, by the way,  is also saying she will vote against her own government on the proposals, chaos reigns in Parliament! Thus, we still don’t know how the Conservatives will take us out of the EU. The possibilities still range from ‘crashing out’ through to various forms of ‘soft exit’ only just over 4 months before the ‘leave’ date!

The currently designated date for leaving the EU is March 29, 2019. There has been much talk about the effect on our airports and at the port of Dover. However, to my knowledge, there has never been any discussion on what risks affect the local people in Lewes District caused by an exit. I am especially concerned with Newhaven port. I believe we need to form a Task Force jointly with:

  • TheCounty Council
  • AppropriateUK government departments
  • The UK Border Force and Police
  • Quasi-Governmental Local Organisations, like theLEP’s
  • Business organisations like the Newhaven Port Authority – Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd

This Task Force is to look into the risks and what can be done to alleviate the problems for the residents of this district.

Motion relating to the EU by Lib Dem Cllr Vic Ient which is to be debated at the Lewes District Council Full Council Meeting on the 26th November 2018:

I propose:

 “The Lewes District Council form a Task Force and invite the County Council and other appropriate public & commercial organisations to participate in assessing the risks and developing proposals to limit the difficulties which may be faced in relation to the import-export location of Newhaven”.

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