Developers still promoting rejected site for 10,000 homes near Henfield

Mayfield Market Towns Ltd are still promoting their plans to  build  possibly 10,000 homes in the Sussex countryside near Henfield and a few miles away from the South Downs National Park. This proposal was rejected by the inspector when the Horsham District Council Local Plan was reviewed but the company are still pushing ahead.

The company are now inviting comments which is a positive move but is their plan sound? Why not let them know what you think?  If you want to contact them and let them know your opinion about this development email:

Click Here to read the company’s letter of 24th July 2019

The intensity of urban development north and south of the Downs has gained traction, in recent years,  with the government approval of 3200 homes in what’s called the ‘Northern Arc’ of Burgess Hill and in the Brighton and Hove City Local Plan with 800 homes planned at Toad’s Hole Valley. This is in addition to the gradual increase in planning permissions which are given in the areas such as Wivelsfield and Coldean











Sustainable Transport & effects of increasing car journeys?

The proposed development near Henfield doesn’t take into consideration the need to ensure new developments can access ‘sustainable means of transport’ such as rail stations and good bus connections. If this development goes ahead it is likely that everyone living there will have to commute or travel by car adding a considerable pressure on the local roads and adding to the impact of climate change caused by an increasing level of cars and lorries on the road using fossil fuels to power them.

The development between Henfield and Albourne is opposed by LAMBS (Locals against Mayfield Building Sprawl). Their aims are to preserve and protect the low wield of West Sussex and support sustainable organic development.

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