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On-line consultation – improving bus provision: A27 Falmer to Polgate

Consultation on improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

This survey seeks your views on the physical facilities and highway design aspect of bus provision.  Whether or not you can attend the event in Lewes on Friday 18th January  (See my blog of Jan 10th) please share your views in this survey:


More information:

Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport Focus and Highways England to capture your views on bus provision on England’s motorways and major A roads – the strategic road network.

Your feedback will help Highways England, as part of its integration and accessibility strategy, investigate priorities for improving bus provision – whether that is about signage, junctions, bus stops, crossings, traffic management or any other aspect of the strategic road network which could affect bus provision. Transport consultants Pell Frischmann are working with Highways England to assess the potential for improvements in the case study areas, and also to produce a tool kit and best practice guide for bus provision on major roads, based on the findings of these case studies. Click here for more info.

Improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

Consultation on improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

To kick the consultations off a workshop style meeting has been set up for a public consultation  next Friday, 18 January, starting at 10 am. It will take place at Lewes town hall, and if you would like to attend please click on the link below.

If you can’t attend, contact the consultants directly on this link:

The consultation will last until early February.   

The Campaign for Better Transport are holding a consultation during January and early February 2019 to capture views on the physical facilities and highway design aspect of bus provision, looking at the A27 corridor, from Falmer to Polegate via Lewes. The feedback will help Highways England assess the need for bus infrastructure.  You can also right to me with your suggestions  of how bus infrastructure can be improved along the A27.  I will pass on the information. Please send emails and photographs to:

Buses and Highways England don’t seem to go together, but maybe that’s about to change!  It seems that at last some sensible projects are coming out from this multibillion pound road building government department.    Highways England have a series of ‘ring fenced’ funds designed to address a range of issues beyond the traditional focus of road investment. It seems that some money may be allocated to facilitating better bus services by improving and building bus lay-bys and other bus related infrastructure.

Info: The Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport Focus and Highways England to understand stakeholders’ views on bus provision on England’s motorways and major A roads – the strategic road network.

A27 East of Lewes Dual Carriageway Study to go ahead!


Comment from Twitter:

C7 Safety Campaign

Dear Residents,

Here is an update for on the C7 Safety campaign group. In July 2015 I reported that the Parishes of the Lower Ouse (POLO) had supported me in the setting up of a working group for all of the residents in the parishes in the lower Ouse Valley to investigate solutions to the problems of safety and traffic calming all along the C7 road. During 2015/2016 a number of workshop meetings were held with residents & parishes to document the issues. Comments and suggestions were documented in a series of drawings and list. I circulated and publish this information in January 2017. Click here to see the charts and report.

During the autumn of 2016 ESCC Highways met with POLO and positively responded to the research work we had been carrying out. Earlier this year I met with the ESCC Highways Department and discussed in what way they could assist the community in improving the traffic calming and safety measures along the road.  This report summarises my discussions with ESCC and proposes further steps towards pulling together a fully documented and costed plan to tackle the road issues. Here are my notes:

East Sussex County Council:

  • Are willing to help the community find a suitable highways design consultancy who could put together a safety and traffic calming strategy for the C7. ESCC have promised to send a list of consultants we may wish to work with.
  • Are going to carry out a survey this summer of the whole road detailing minor improvements and maintenance upgrades for things like signs & markings. This survey will also refer to possible other minor improvements for safety purposes. Once this survey is complete quotations will be obtained from their approved contractor and a proposal for implementation will be submitted (internally in the ESCC) so that work can go ahead.
  • Have now made detailed comments on our list of proposed safety and traffic calming measures. Here is a copy of that list, (click to download): C7 List of Comments 2016 POLO with ESCC info
  • Are willing to attend one of our workshop meetings to discuss their comments. We have agreed a date of the 2nd August at  6 PM. Please join us. please send an email to me & I will confirm the venue.  This meeting is open to all the parishes and residents in the valley.

However we can’t just rely on progressing things through one small department in the ESCC. As I have said before, the community needs to lead on this issue and produce a strategy and a plan for implementing safety and traffic calming measures. I have already proposed the production of a safety strategy document for the road which should be accompanied by a design/finance plan. As members of POLO may remember a proposal to engage a design consultant was discussed last year and the POLO Clerk put out a request to the parishes to support the cost of producing the design document bearing in mind that the district council (click here for further info) had agreed to fund 50% of the £2000 cost. I am not sure which parishes agreed to help with the cost or if the particular consultant proposed is still the preferred supplier.

Rationale behind a strategy & financial plan: Some improvements will come through the normal county council maintenance budget. Residents just need to make sure they report maintenance items but other measures will be more costly and will require funding from the county council, parishes or/and from a combination of organisations, possibly including the Local Enterprise Partnership (which deals with applications for funding locally on behalf of the government) or/and from special charities and other organisations. all of these organisations will require an application proposal and an estimate of costs. That is why we need a strategy plan and financial costings . Once we have these we can approach the organisations for funding . Hopefully we will be able to do this in by this autumn such that funds can be allocated in the next financial year ( 2018/19).

I will continue to work on the C7 safety issues and I am pleased to say that Joe Attwood ( has volunteered to become the C7 Safety project coordinator. I’m looking forward to working with him to produce the safety plan for the road. We have set up a workshop meeting for 5 July at 6 PM. Please join us.  Please send an email to me & I will confirm the venue. This meeting is open to all the parishes and residents in the valley.

In parallel with the continuing work we shouldn’t forget that there’s always an opportunity for everyone to help improve things on the road. Here is some information:

Sources of Finance: Hopefully we will be able to find a volunteer who can research the different sources of funding. There may be just a short window of time available for applications to the EU as existing programmes run to the year 2020. However, apart from the county council, we will need some research into how one makes applications to the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Parish Councils: In parallel to this initiative the parishes (​Kingston, Iford, Rodmell, Southease  & Piddinghoe) and residents association (Kingston Road) continue with their own actions. I hope residents will discuss safety and traffic calming measures with their own parish council or association.

Report it: If you see a sign, pothole or verge which needs repairing or maintaining please use the automated reporting system. Click here for information and links

Accidents: Many people are keeping a log of accidents along the road and I hope you’ll share this at the workshop meeting

Speeding –  This is of concern to many people, the question is proving it! I hope we can get police, albeit with their scarce resources, to devote some time to the C7. In addition, there are a number of ways to kick off an initiative in your area. Here are some websites which may be of interest: Information on reducing speeding

Enforcing the weight & width restriction: Luckily past councillors for the ward got a weight restriction implemented for the C7.  A width restriction exists on the C324 through Kingston. Some residents feel these regulations are being broken. Ways of reporting and enforcement could be discussed by all the parishes.

Traffic Calming:  Volunteers are needed to research traffic calming measures. Here is a link of what I have found:

Other initiatives?

Road: I’m following up on the future of the A27 especially the section from the Ashcombe roundabout to Beddingham. Whether or not the A27 is turned into a motorway east of Lewes changes are needed to the three roundabouts at Ashcombe, Southerham & Beddingham to encourage the traffic to take the A26 to Seaford and Newhaven rather than the C7. I’m attending a seminar with Highways England on 10 July in London to follow this up.

Rail: I’ve already put my views forward concerning the reopening of the Lewes to Uckfield line. I am continuing to follow this up and support the initiative by Railfuture. Also I would like to see, linked parking/ticketing initiatives at stations in Sussex to persuade drivers to take the train.

Bus: I would like to see the introduction of Sunday services and an extension to their 123 service along the valley. To persuade drivers to take the bus instead of the train I would like to see an express coach service operating between Brighton, Lewes and Eastbourne along the A27 rather than just the busy coastal road

PS:  Swanborough

As some of you will know a planning application has been submitted and approved for holiday lodges next to the fishing lakes in Swanborough. Click here to see my report.

One of the good things that come out of this development is that the National Park have made a condition that a section 106 agreement must be signed before the development can start. We hope this will provide for some footpaths and safety measures on the C7. Here is the latest map showing the developers proposals for cycle/footways: (click to enlarge)


A27 Road Consultation

a27-east-of-lewes-consultationHighways England are holding consultations until 8th  Dec 2016 on their proposals for changes to the A27 ‘East of Lewes scheme.’  It comprises a package of proposals with a budget of some £75 million. This is part of the Government’s 2015 – 2020 Road Investment Strategy.




The remaining exhibitions are being held locally: Sat 26th at Bewick and then Mon 28 & Tues 29 in Lewes:


CLICK HERE here to go to the brochure describing the proposals.highways-england-logo

You can respond to the questionnaire on line at:

As you probably know all the options for this section of the A27 are around carrying out modifications on an “in-line” basis. The work proposed relate to the section of the A27 between Middle Farm and Polegate. I’m in favour of the ‘in-line’ improvements and I am opposed to the idea of creating a dual carriageway across the open landscape between Beddingham & Polegate. At the moment, only the in-line proposals are on the table but I know that the local MPs are trying to persuade the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Transport to allocate over £400 million in the autumn statement (details will not be out for a few weeks/months) for a ‘motorway’ type dual carriageway road. There is no design proposal for this at the moment but we should be aware that the possibility of such a damaging development to the countryside could be approved by the government.

Walking & Cycling path: In the current proposals there is some good news for pedestrians, walkers and cyclists! An extension of the long distance cycle path ( C90) is proposed from where it finishes near Firle all the way to Polgate. Even if you don’t live in the area please would you write in and support this aspect of the proposal? If lots of people write in then there is a good chance the cycle/walking route will get built. If people don’t write in there is a good chance Highways England will drop it. Please remember it’s only an option at this stage.