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Second application for commercial vehicle use of Cockshut Lane

New planning application 

Now refused for a second time! 

New photoIn 2013 the cycle route from the Stanley Turner ground to Kingston opened at a cost of over £200K.  But the link to Lewes was not complete. For years local groups have been working hard to persuade the ESCC to designate the final link to Lewes as a public right of way by creating a bridleway. Sadly, because of so-called ‘staff shortages’ in Highways England (was the Highways Agency) this designation has not taken place.

The trackway goes from the Stanley Turner ground to the tunnel under the A27 (near the tennis club). On the southern side of the A27 this trackway used to be gated and locked at both ends. One of these gates was burned down during a car fire some years ago and more recently the other gates simply just disappeared. These gates used to be kept locked with a side access for pedestrians etc., because the only permissible use was for agricultural vehicles accessing Rise Farm.

2015-10-04 11.19.25Earlier this year a planning application to open up the Cockshut Lane track-way to vehicular traffic was made and later refused, (see:

Now there is a second planning application for commercial vehicle use of Cockshut Lane:

For more information on the planning application go to:

Then enter in the search box: SDNP/15/04391/CND. You will then be taken to the actual planning application page.  Here you can either click on ‘Comments’ or click on ‘Documents’. Under the documents you will see all the application docs.

To comment click on ‘Comments’ and then click on the ‘Make a comment’ tab.

Please refer to planning application number SDNP/15/04391/CND.

Alternatively you can email: or

Or you can write to:

Planning Dept (reference SDNP/15/04391/CND), Lewes District Council, Southover House, Southover Road, Lewes BN7 1AB

National Park Plan

Public Roadshow! An opportunity to see the draft South Downs National Park Plan and make your view known.  Drop in session between 15:00-20:00 on Tues 8 September at Lewes Town Hall about South Downs National Park Plan.

The plan will cover all of the villages in the Ouse valley from  Kingston to Piddinghoe as well as St Ann Without and Falmer.

National Park boundaries shown in yellow. Click to go to map site
National Park boundaries shown in yellow. Click to go to map site

The South Downs National Park (SDNP) is developing a ‘Local Plan’ for the whole of the Park. When approved by the Secretary of State it will become a legal document. It will include a set of policies and other information about how the National Park is intended to develop in the future. It will be very important when it comes to any form of development. Planning Applications will be judged with these policies in mind. The SDNP Plan will sit alongside the Lewes District Plan (Joint Core Strategy) and any Neighbourhood Plan (none of the village have developed one so far).

Consultation will be open from 2 September to 28 October 2015.From 2 September you’ll be able to submit your comments online or in by post. You can read and comment on the Local Plan here:

Planning appeals -update

It has been a busy summer and there’s still more to come. Not only has there been the usual high level of planning applications in the area but we have had three planning appeals to contend with. Two are over and we have one yet to come. One yet to be heard is about the game bird breeding activity at Iford farm. This appeal will be heard on Wednesday, 23 September in Lewes. Click here for more information. Click any of the titles below for more information:

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Attending a Planning Hearing

There are two planning appeal hearings coming up in the Kingston Ward (Ouse valley), – one on 25 August and the other on 23 September (I am not in control of the dates so please recheck yourself nearer the time).  A number of people have asked me about the procedure relating to planning hearings. I have been in touch with the Planning Inspectorate and here is their answer:

“Anyone is entitled to attend a hearing without prior notification.  The Inspector will conduct the hearing and all procedural matters under the guidance of the Inspector after he or she has formally opened the proceedings.

If you wish to submit representations before the hearing, you should send these to the relevant case officer and it will be for them, on consultation with the Inspector, as to whether they are accepted.

Anything submitted on the day of the hearing will be for the Inspector to decide whether to accept.”

Speaking: “You do not need to give prior notification. You simply attend on the day and the Inspector will guide you from then on.”

If you need confirm to get further information please contact the Inspectorate:

Customer Support Team, Planning Inspectorate for England: Temple Quay House,  2 The  Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN    0303 444 5000

Further Reading? Click these images to see further guidance:

Guide by the Planning Inspectorate
Detailed Guide to Inquiries
July 2015 Procedural Guide


Iford: Game Rearing Planning Appeal

Update: The appeal for this application was allowed. 

Update:  This case is being appealed. Information from the Planning Inspectorate as of Mon 13th July 2015:

“The appeal for this case will be The Hearing is at 10.00hrs on Wednesday September 23rd. The venue is The Council Chambers, Town Hall, High Street, Lewes. The venue will now be: The Stanley Turner Ground Kingston Road Lewes East Sussex BN7 3NB. You should be at the venue a few minutes prior to the Inspector opening the Hearing. The Inspector will probably ask if anyone other than the main parties wishes to address the Hearing, and that is when you should make yourself known. If you wish to read from any document, or submit any documents then you should take at least three identical copies with you, plus a copy for yourself.”

For background information see the original applications on the SDNPA web site.
This hearing will consider two appeals:

  • APP/P1425/C/14/3001421 (relates to application No: SDNP/14/04465/FUL)
  • APP/P1425/W/15/3028967 (relates to enforcement action following the withdrawal of application No: SDNP/14/02853/FUL )   Now withdrawn.

In 2014 a ‘retrospective’ planning application was submitted for:

“change of use of land from agricultural to mixed use of agriculture and game rearing and change of use of redundant agricultural buildings to ancillary storage for the game rearing business, associated landscape planting and retention of an existing brooder house”

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Cockshut Lane Footpath/Cycleway or Road?

update of 18th July 2015: planning application refused! 

Cockshut Lane links with the cycle path to Kingston. Cyclists, walkers and tourists use this path between Lewes and places in the Ouse Valley. Some time ago a planning application was submitted to open up the Cockshut Lane part of the Egrets Way to vehicle traffic on a regular basis. If you click on the image below it will connect you to the blog site which I published back in February. The planning application has still not been heard by the National Park or the LDC. Now I am a member of the District Council I have called for a meeting with the officers to discuss the matter and ensure that it is brought to committee and not dealt with as a delegated item.

Vic's blog on Cockshut Lane
Vic’s blog on Cockshut Lane

Change of use of the Shoot Lodge at Iford


Apart from the planning application and appeal hearing concerning shooting parties operating 6 days per week in the season we now have a planning application for a ‘Forest School.’ On the face of it this sounds like a good idea but on looking at the limited amount of information included in the application I have a number of concerns. Please see below

SDNP/15/02859/FUL  (Application submitted on 09 Jun 2015)

Proposal:             Change of use of the Shoot Lodge at Iford to a mixed use as a facilities building for game shooting for no more than two days a week from 1 September to 2 February in each year and for use as a Forest School and conference/training room, and associated parking. There are no physical changes as to the building or parking area.

My concerns are:

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Iford Shoot – Planning Appeal

Last year a planning application was submitted to extend the use of a building on the South Downs as a ‘shooting lodge’ to host shooting parties throughout the shooting season on a six-day a week basis. The applicant appealed, ahead of a decision by the council on the basis of non-determination of the planning application. This has now resulted in a public hearing being scheduled for this August.

Tte Shooting Lodge
The Shooting Lodge

This application is one of many made in association with the Iford Estate business (  as you will see from the website the business offers shooting, flying (airstrip), commercial lettings, entertainment and wedding venue services as well as farming and fishing. Their latest newsletter is here:

Details of this appeal are as below:


Variation of condition 1 attached to planning approval LW/09/1177 to vary the use of the building as a facility connected to game shooting and agriculture, the use shall only occur between Monday to Saturday 7am-5pm

This application was made in the latter part of 2014 and before the Lewes District Council had time to consider the matter on behalf of the National Park the applicant decided to apply for an appeal based on non-determination.

The hearing into this appeal will start at 10:00 on 25 August 2015.

The venue will be: Council Chamber, Lewes Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, BN7 2QS  Change of venue!  The venue will now be: The Stanley Turner Ground Kingston Road Lewes East Sussex BN7 3NB

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Kingston: Spring Barn Farm planning appeal

Earlier this year the SDNPA Planning Committee supported local residents by refusing a planning application which would seen the building of a large (1084 sq m) ‘warehouse’ type building over 25 feet high on farmland in the South Downs valley between Kingston & Lewes parishes amongst other building.

This existing barn to remain and a new building to be built next to it - approx double it's size and over 25 feet high
This existing barn to remain and a new building to be built next to it – approx double it’s size and over 25 feet high

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