About Vic Ient:

A supporter of the ‘underdog’ and fair play, freedom of the individual balance with responsibility to the community. Keen to support our natural world and countryside and our cultural and historical heritage.  I am a cyclist and a walker and enjoy getting up on the Downs and exploring the villages east and west along the South Downs.

Although retired, I am still a part time coach and mentor with the ‘Get Mentoring’ scheme (originally sponsored by the UK government). I specialise in helping young people early in their working life. I am a keen supporter of apprenticeships. I am also a keen supporter of business innovation to help build a strong economy. I support the development of technology and engineering to help us build ecological and environmentally sustainable lifestyles maximising the use of renewable energy and systems which reduce our energy consumption.

My degree is an MSc in the Management of Technology. My career was a telecoms and IT manager and consultant project manager in the UK and abroad. For a number of years I had my own IT installation company based in Lewes.

I am a lifelong member of the Liberal Party/LibDems who wants fairness in society as well as a business minded focus from our government to support a stable economy which provides health and social services for everyone in the community.

I support our membership of the European Union which provides us with a large market for British goods and services as well as providing everyone in Europe with shared protection for consumers, the development of high standards in trading, product and business standards as well as protecting us against cartels, improving health and legal standards and giving us strength for the defence of our freedom as well as protection against economic and military threats.

I have lived in Sussex for nearly 30 years, firstly in Kingston near Lewes and more latterly in Lewes itself. Here in Sussex I was a member of Kingston Parish Council and before moving to Sussex I was a member of both a parish and district council in Kent. I was also a member of Kent County Council.

Apart from my job, which brought me to the area, one of the reasons for choosing our first home here was its proximity to the South Downs and to the wonderful ancient town of Lewes.

I  am a member of the South Downs Society, CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England), World Wildlife fund (WWF), National Trust, The Cycling Charity (CTC),  IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs), Institute of Directors (IoD), & British Computer Society.

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