Newhaven Marina
Newhaven Marina

Where the Ouse river meets the sea is the important Sussex town of Newhaven. Not only does the river connect the villages along the Ouse with both Lewes and Newhaven, but also there are road and rail connections which are essential to the communities in working people in the whole area.

Though not in the District Council ward which I hope to represent after May 7, I feel I have a special connection with Newhaven since my Uncle Tom was repatriated here after injuries suffered on the Western Front in World War I. He was hospitalised in the area and was sent back to the war in France.


Currently the Town Council are developing a neighbourhood plan, which I very much support. See:

I agree with the draft wording of their vision:

Newhaven will have a quality built and natural environment with development respecting and maximising the potential of its historic and natural assets, whilst protecting the integrity of the countryside and coastal landscapes. Waterside access and a high quality riverside environment will have been achieved and supported, by a healthy working relationship with the port owners and the local community. In order to improve safety and manage risks against the effects of climate change including sea level rise and pollution, measures will have been introduced that reduce the risk of river and tidal flooding, improve air quality and ensure a sustainable environment.

In the recent survey carried out by the Town Council there was widespread support for the Riverside Park. Here is one of the comments which seems to encapsulate my views in this respect – “Make more of the unique location between the Sea and the Downs, including the maritime and fishing heritage and everything associated with the riverside banks”.

Riverside Park Community Voice is an organisation which has been formed to support the development of the Riverside Park. They have just recently held their first AGM. Here is a link to their website:


Links for Newhaven:

Here are some other links providing more information and connections for Newhaven:

Radio Seahaven FM’s Newhaven Town website, provides lots of information  about local businesses, what’s on, and local organisations including the swing bridge times and tide time-table:

Haven News have a similar website to the one run by Seahaven FM, providing local news, information and contacts etc:

Our Newhaven enables people to remember and record information and memories of the town:

Newhaven Historical Society who own and manage  the Newhaven Museum

have their own website:

General information can be found on Wikipedia:,_East_Sussex


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