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On-line consultation – improving bus provision: A27 Falmer to Polgate

Consultation on improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

This survey seeks your views on the physical facilities and highway design aspect of bus provision.  Whether or not you can attend the event in Lewes on Friday 18th January  (See my blog of Jan 10th) please share your views in this survey:


More information:

Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport Focus and Highways England to capture your views on bus provision on England’s motorways and major A roads – the strategic road network.

Your feedback will help Highways England, as part of its integration and accessibility strategy, investigate priorities for improving bus provision – whether that is about signage, junctions, bus stops, crossings, traffic management or any other aspect of the strategic road network which could affect bus provision. Transport consultants Pell Frischmann are working with Highways England to assess the potential for improvements in the case study areas, and also to produce a tool kit and best practice guide for bus provision on major roads, based on the findings of these case studies. Click here for more info.

Improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

Consultation on improving bus facilities along the A27 between Falmer and Polegate

To kick the consultations off a workshop style meeting has been set up for a public consultation  next Friday, 18 January, starting at 10 am. It will take place at Lewes town hall, and if you would like to attend please click on the link below.


If you can’t attend, contact the consultants directly on this link: https://bettertransport.org.uk/contact-us

The consultation will last until early February.   

The Campaign for Better Transport are holding a consultation during January and early February 2019 to capture views on the physical facilities and highway design aspect of bus provision, looking at the A27 corridor, from Falmer to Polegate via Lewes. The feedback will help Highways England assess the need for bus infrastructure.  You can also right to me with your suggestions  of how bus infrastructure can be improved along the A27.  I will pass on the information. Please send emails and photographs to: sussexcampaign@gmail.com

Buses and Highways England don’t seem to go together, but maybe that’s about to change!  It seems that at last some sensible projects are coming out from this multibillion pound road building government department.    Highways England have a series of ‘ring fenced’ funds designed to address a range of issues beyond the traditional focus of road investment. It seems that some money may be allocated to facilitating better bus services by improving and building bus lay-bys and other bus related infrastructure.

Info: The Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport Focus and Highways England to understand stakeholders’ views on bus provision on England’s motorways and major A roads – the strategic road network.

Report back September 2016

Dear Residents,

Here is my report back for Sept 2016. I hope you find this newsletter and my website useful. (Click here for previous reports). There are quite a few subjects covered  so here is the index (just click on a title to go straight to the item)

New Chief Exec at the Council    —    Rail dispute    —    Planning     —      Planning complaints

Local Plans   —      EU    —     Funding for Footpaths & Cycleways    —       C7 Road

Rodmell school   —   Bus services   —     Falmer bus   —    Parliamentary Boundary changes

Kingston school  —   A27  —       Broadband   —    Liberal Democrat Conference

Climate change   —   Linked to my reports   —    Questions?

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How easy is it to get around National Parks by bus?

123 BusOn the 23 Feb 2016 the Bus Minister Andrew Jones quietly announced there will be a Buses Bill in 2016.  At the moment it seems to be aimed at big cities and not rural counties & villages though the proposal talks about new partnerships and franchising for the whole of the UK. The Campaign for National Parks want to ensure that the Bill and any changes introduced as a result provide improved access to, from and around National Parks.

132 busIt would help strengthen their arguments if they could include some real examples of how buses, or the lack of them, have affected people’s journeys to and from National Parks, so please contact them directly. Email Ruth on ruthb@cnp.org.uk or ring on 020 7981 0890



Here is a copy of the Campaign for National Parks announcement:

How easy is it for you to get to, from and around National Parks by bus?

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Report Back By Cllr Carla Butler – Winter 2015


From County Councillor Carla Butler:

Dear Residents
I’m working closely with Vic Ient and now I can report via this ‘Sussex Campaign’ on my county council work:

ESCC Consultations- until 18 December

£78 million has already been saved by ESCC since 2010, however an additional £70 to £90 million needs to be made by 2019.  This includes £40 million to Adult Social Care for which a consultation has been launched: Click here for Consultation  For more information here is a video made by the Director of Adult Social Care and Health, Keith Hinkley: Click here to see video  I am deeply concerned that these proposals will affect the most vulnerable in our communities and I will work with fellow Lib Dems to propose alternatives within the budget setting process.  All too often consultations are purely a notification and I am keen that residents’ views are not just heard, but acted on.

[The consultation runs until 8 December 2015. Results will be discussed by the Cabinet in January 2016 and a final decision will be made by the full County Council in February 2016.]

Newhaven Fire Station – East Sussex Fire Authority

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) purchased land in Meeching Road, Newhaven for the development of a new Fire Station. The building is part of an integrated joint project with Sussex Police and Lewes District Council aimed to deliver a range of public services to residents in the Newhaven area.
The new building will replace the currently dated Fire Station at Fort Road and supports both Lewes District Council and Sussex Police plans for the future.

Saxon House as it is named will be handed over to ESFRS in December.  You can watch a time-lapse of the building works and see more information by clicking here.

I am a member of the Fire Authority and am keen to share the use of buildings as it is an excellent way not only to deliver efficiency savings but to enable more partnership and strategic planning to serve communities. The new building has ideal access to the town centre for drop-in facilities and will help increase footfall to the town centre to help regeneration.


Apprentices are aged 16 or over and combine working with studying for a work-based qualification – from GCSEs or equivalent up to degree level. Apprentices can be new or current employees.

Liberal Democrats have a history of advocating apprenticeships and Vince Cable in coalition made it easier for business to take on apprentices through government grants.

If you are an employer why not consider employing an apprentice? – there is a government grant of £1,500 available. Click here for info or call the National Apprenticeship Service Telephone: 0800 015 0600 for more information.

If you’re looking to become an apprentice you can search for vacancies by clicking here. 

East Sussex County Council recently led a ‘You’re Hired Campaign’ that led to over 500 businesses pledging to recruit an apprentice and they also committed to recruiting apprentices within the Council. You can find out more – click here.

As a member of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Authority I am keen for the service to provide apprenticeships and will work with the authority to enable this to happen.


Riverside Park

New Bus Stop on C7 Newhaven
New Bus Stop on C7 Newhaven

Carla worked with Newhaven Town Council to secure funds for a new bus stop in response to local residents’ concern about safety.  This is a good location for a bus stop as it is just close by one of the rights of way leading to the Riverside Park.

Riverside Park Location
Riverside Park Location









ESCC is working with the Friends of Riverside Park, Newhaven Town Council and Lewes District Council to develop a programme to improve Riverside Park for users and to maximise the wildlife value of the area. I’m delighted to be part of a project team delivering improvements that have been suggested by a passionate community group that was set up after the conservatives tried to sell off the land for a Waterpark.  Friends of Riverside Park have enabled joint working between authorities to deliver: Ecological surveys and management plans, breeding bird surveys, landscape and habitat improvements and information/art works/furniture to reinforce a sense of place and community ownership as well as information about key habitats and landscape management.  The improvements are to be funded through S106 money from the Newhaven Incinerator.

Saving Our Bees

The County Council has extended its commitment to protect our bees by continuing to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in sites owned or managed by the County Council.  The decision was made via a motion put forward to full council by Cllr St Pierre (Lib Dem.) The debate was a passionate one on all sides and is available on webcast.

County Council Assets

All too often council assets are left empty and Cllr Lambert (Lib Dem) put forward a Notice of Motion to ask the County Council to develop a policy for the use of assets for the benefit of the local community. Full details on motions can be found by clicking here

Get Inspired!

Get Inspired events are to continue with a smaller event possibly planned in Newhaven for the Lewes District. These events are for young people who would like to find out more about how to get their views and opinions across to the people who make decisions over what happens in their area. Click here for Info & Events

Young people (and decision makers) wishing to attend these events should book their place now with: Tracey Johnson at email: traceyjohnson@sparknetwork.org.uk or call 07814 260359 to find out more.

Connexions 360 – Careers & Training

The Connexions 360 site has had a makeover creating an easy-to-use website with information on careers and training, health and well-being, transport and finances. Link: https://www.c360.org.uk


Library Artwork

Wall CollageEast Sussex County Council secured funding from Arts Council England to commission three specially designed pieces of public art to add to three libraries in East Sussex. Newhaven was chosen as one of the locations. Why not take a look? Zaneta Belasicova, a freelance illustrator, was chosen by a panel to design the window which is now in place at the back of the building (car park entrance).

Kind Regards


email: cllr.carla.butler@eastsussex.gov.uk  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carla.butler1


Bus Services – a little bit of good news!

123 bus001The 132 bus (Sundays only) is now diverted to run along the C7 instead of the A26! 

In September we had some disappointing news in that the  National Park subsidies for the Compass Bus 123 Sunday service ran out and the service ceased. Now, we have a little bit of good news – the CTLA 132 service has been rescheduled to run up the Ouse valley!  It is only one service in each direction but it’s better than nothing! CTLA primarily operates the service for the Lewes Town area but also serves the lower Ouse villages.

132 busThe service leaves Lower Place, Newhaven in the centre of Newhaven Town at 9:42 AM (arriving Lewes at 10:10 AM). Its return trip leaves Lewes bus station at 14:10 PM (arriving Newhaven at 14:37 PM).

The service in both directions stops at Kingston (Kingston School) Rodmell and Piddinghoe (C7 Main Road bus stop). I understand that concessionary fares are available.



Click here for a link to a  copy of the timetable


Report Back – 31st August 2015

A busy August! Here is my report. Subjects covered include:

Also covered in this report:  Highways and road problemsReport a planning threat – Check bus times – On street parking in Lewes.

PlanningInspectorate.svgIt has been a busy summer and there’s still more to come. Not only has there been the usual high level of planning applications in the area but we have had three planning appeals to contend with. Two are over and we have one yet to come. This is about the game bird breeding activity at Iford farm. This appeal will be heard on Wednesday, 23 September in Lewes. Click for full report.

Here is the rest of my report:

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Bus service update

123 BusA story of good news (well a small amount!) and bad news. The bad news is that the 130 bus service, which runs once-a-day from Rodmell to Brighton, will be withdrawn unless subsidies can be found. The good news is that there is to be a small, but useful improvement made to the 123 bus service which runs between Lewes and Newhaven.

This month, in August, I met with the Managing Director, Chris Chatfield, and the Transport Manager, Barry King, of Compass Travel. I am pleased to advise you that the services, in both directions which run just after 9 o’clock, will now take concessionary fares. Great news! This new arrangement together with some other minor modifications will come into operation from about 11 September. New timetables will be available shortly. NB: The new printed timetable omits to note that concessionary fares are available after 9am but I have had an assurance from the MD of Compass Travel that this was a printing error and will be corrected. The web version will be amended asap.  

I was pleased hear that the two hourly bus service is now currently operating on a commercial basis with only very minor aspects of financial support from ESCC. Basically this means we don’t have to fear further government and council cuts to the 123 service.

Subject to the agreement of the parishes I have agreed to act as liaison between Compass Travel and the parishes. Hopefully this means we will be able to coordinate ideas and issues amongst ourselves leading to productive meetings with the bus company. However this doesn’t mean that members of the public and parish representatives shouldn’t raise individual problems with the bus company directly. Please continue to do that.

Further information:

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