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A27 East of Lewes Dual Carriageway Study to go ahead!


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A27 Road Consultation

a27-east-of-lewes-consultationHighways England are holding consultations until 8th  Dec 2016 on their proposals for changes to the A27 ‘East of Lewes scheme.’  It comprises a package of proposals with a budget of some £75 million. This is part of the Government’s 2015 – 2020 Road Investment Strategy.




The remaining exhibitions are being held locally: Sat 26th at Bewick and then Mon 28 & Tues 29 in Lewes:


CLICK HERE here to go to the brochure describing the proposals.highways-england-logo

You can respond to the questionnaire on line at:


As you probably know all the options for this section of the A27 are around carrying out modifications on an “in-line” basis. The work proposed relate to the section of the A27 between Middle Farm and Polegate. I’m in favour of the ‘in-line’ improvements and I am opposed to the idea of creating a dual carriageway across the open landscape between Beddingham & Polegate. At the moment, only the in-line proposals are on the table but I know that the local MPs are trying to persuade the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Transport to allocate over £400 million in the autumn statement (details will not be out for a few weeks/months) for a ‘motorway’ type dual carriageway road. There is no design proposal for this at the moment but we should be aware that the possibility of such a damaging development to the countryside could be approved by the government.

Walking & Cycling path: In the current proposals there is some good news for pedestrians, walkers and cyclists! An extension of the long distance cycle path ( C90) is proposed from where it finishes near Firle all the way to Polgate. Even if you don’t live in the area please would you write in and support this aspect of the proposal? If lots of people write in then there is a good chance the cycle/walking route will get built. If people don’t write in there is a good chance Highways England will drop it. Please remember it’s only an option at this stage.


Reduce environmental impact of the A27 Lewes by-pass ?

Click image above to go to the ‘CPRE Better Not Bigger’ report

Which main roads need a green retrofit?  Highways England is supposed to be spending more than £500 million to reduce the  environmental impact of main roads but progress is painfully slow.

Have you got a suggestion for environmental improvement of our main roads like the A26 & A27? CLICK HERE and you can add them to the The Campaign for Better Transport proposals or write direct to Highways England info@highwaysengland.co.uk

For instance, I believe the Lewes area should get noise reduction barriers along the A27 Lewes By-pass. Highway England do install noise barriers – here is one of their recent reports: Design contract awarded for pioneering M40 noise barriers

A27 Road
A27 Lewes by-pass









Here is an example of a potential noise barrier fence: 

site-logo_356x111The Campaign for Better Transport has developed an interactive map to help the public identify areas where they think the money should be spent. On their website is a simple form where you can make suggestions for environmental improvements. Click on the image below to go to the web site and give your comments:

Map link