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Reduce environmental impact of the A27 Lewes by-pass ?

Click image above to go to the ‘CPRE Better Not Bigger’ report

Which main roads need a green retrofit?  Highways England is supposed to be spending more than £500 million to reduce the  environmental impact of main roads but progress is painfully slow.

Have you got a suggestion for environmental improvement of our main roads like the A26 & A27? CLICK HERE and you can add them to the The Campaign for Better Transport proposals or write direct to Highways England info@highwaysengland.co.uk

For instance, I believe the Lewes area should get noise reduction barriers along the A27 Lewes By-pass. Highway England do install noise barriers – here is one of their recent reports: Design contract awarded for pioneering M40 noise barriers

A27 Road
A27 Lewes by-pass









Here is an example of a potential noise barrier fence: 

site-logo_356x111The Campaign for Better Transport has developed an interactive map to help the public identify areas where they think the money should be spent. On their website is a simple form where you can make suggestions for environmental improvements. Click on the image below to go to the web site and give your comments:

Map link