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District Councillor Role in a Rural Area

IMAG1027In my ward there are 5 parishes and I work with them on local issues. Parishes have annual residents meetings. This not only provides an opportunity for a ‘report back’ but for residents to air their views and concerns. Last Saturday I was invited to give a talk at one of these parish meetings in the beautiful village of Southease. The village meeting was held in the lovely ancient church on the village green. The meeting started early so it was possible to see the village on a lovely sunny evening.

Kingston Ward
Kingston Ward



I was asked to talk about the role of the ward district councillor. This this gave me an opportunity to also report back on what’s been going on in local government locally. I have written up my talk and if you would like to read it please follow the link below. It has got  local updates and news – so I hope  you find it useful:

The role of the ward district councillor

It was a very pleasurable experience to attend the parish meeting in Southease. Clearly they are a very active parish and for such a small population they seem to do quite a lot. It was also a social occasion for people to get together and I enjoyed meeting catching up with residents.

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